Sunday, September 11, 2005

Wild, wild, wild world

Loads of craziness going on.

  • Kayne West's comments are censored but won't go away. And then Moore's letter arrives. Things keep getting worse for this president, and I'm not disturbed in the least.
  • Orhan Pamuk has to face a court for calling Armenian deaths a genocide. A genuine case of life imitating art, I'd say, as people adhering to the simplistic version of histories are already portrayed in his book, Snow.
  • They meet, but there's more - To the supporters, I ask, how can anyone be naive enough to think that restoring diplomatic ties will win us any strategic favours. What did the Palestinians gain when they did the same? And to everyone who went on the piece-meal strike on Friday, what's there to loose if all you do is talk? This is recommended reading.
  • Mutawakil, the face of Taliban as their FM, writes a book. What can I say, there's all sorts...