Friday, August 19, 2005

LB Elections

The polling is complete. By hook or by crook, some have arrived, some have left. As Cowasjee kept repeating on the televised debates, it was a matter of choosing the lesser evil. I don't know about the rest of the third world countries, but in Pakistan, that usually is the case.
The government has deemed the exercise successful. The foreign commentators seem satisfied. My own mind is stuck on a news item from a polling station in NWFP, where not a single female voter turned up the whole day. Maybe they all caught rabbies!
Watching some of the candidates in Karachi and hearing their supporters, I was wondering if we could have a Local Bloodies election sometime soon. People would get a chance to vote for their favorite leader, who'd be transported out of the country to live in exile for the rest of his/her unnatural life. All on tax-payer money! Its an easier way to reward these criminals, then putting them back in office where they would be responsible for the affairs of many. And we'd root out the fake degree mafia at the same time. Splendid, no?
Any which way, the agenda of globalization continues. Weak central governments that bow down to pressure from the financial centres of the world, while the people are busy keeping records of who paved the roads and when? But why complain, when we can still watch the tantalizing climax of this week's Sussar bhi kabhi damaad tha?