Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Been catching up on the hindi movies that I haven't seen, and the general impression remains the same. Big strides for bollywood, small steps for mankind.
The election fever is gone. Came and went with surprising calmness, something no one could have predicted. The people embrace it. Turnouts are high. 'We do what we can, the rest will follow', which reminds me of Plato, 'Who will guard the guards?'
A few nights ago, I sat bored hearing a relative/acquaintance rant about how he found his better half. It was an arranged affair and the selection had been made through photographs. How can someone find a wife by looking at photographs of women? Isn't that like finding love online? And how do these photographs make the rounds? I suspect someone makes the rounds carrying an album in their bags.
My circumspection amazes my relatives. They think I've turned too Canadian and this is the effect of the last few years abroad seeping in into my attitude. But photographs... why don't they just put up a website, and gain a global market? Blah!