Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The toonie affair

Made a trip down to the Pakistani Consulate today. The buzz was strong, as opposed to the last time I was there. The counters were full, and the attendees were stumpped with the amount of people inside. Looked like a media frenzy.

I was going to write about the loud and inattentive service person at the information desk. (Once prompted with an inquiry, he actually asked a customer, 'Do you want the passport or not'?) But, forget about him already, and instead, allow me to tell you about another Consulate employee who took a toonie out from his shirt-pocket and put it in with the cash I handed him. I had not anticipated the hidden charges and came up two dollars short of the total payment. He did add, that he would go bankrupt if he had to do the same every day.

Embarassment is euphemism for what I felt at the moment. Shuffling through the change in my pockets, emptying out my wallet on the counter, and wondering how much delay this toonie-affair would cost me. The paper submission time was already over when my number was called. A denial would have seen me heading back the next day, with the required change. I would have huffed and puffed, but as per the friendly-yet-firm code of the customer service industry, what other option did I have?

No need to worry Murlizee, there's good people all around. Cheers to their momentary lapse of reason. I hope I keep running into them, and also, that they never go bankrupt.