Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The never ending story

Five years of chasing shadows in my head, comes to an end. An end dictated by causation rather than the power of will. An end befitting the lost rather than the found. How romantic!
It is a never ending story. Goal after goal, through failure and success I realize that life is a journey, not a destination. Cliche words that I used to preach, now ring with even more resonance than before. It seems I have discovered something that wasn't lost in the first place.
Night after night, I am drawn to Lahore. Images come and go without much ado. Now, I am waking up with the familiar drone of the ceiling fan. Fumbling for a torch in a blackout. Cursing the humid monsoon for showing up in the middle of the night. Arguing with the newspaper man, and following cricket matches on the go at paan-walas across town. The dull, the banal, the quintessentials, coming forth in a constant assault on the mind. I just can't wait to get out of this town.