Monday, May 16, 2005

Weekend past

Saturday was overcast, but still we ventured out to Mississagua. I hate that place, would never live there. Everything hip and practical about downtown Toronto, turned upside down and moved 40km west. Uncles in gas-guzzlers and huge aunties flaunting too much jewllery. It is too much of a suburb to warrant any serious activity. Too many cars on roads too wide for pedestrians. Nothing is in walking distance anywhere, and transit sucks. Surely, lots of Pakistani and Indian cultural programs are held in the area, but that has nothing to do with the ambience. It has to do with utility, and cheap rental rates for evenings.
Anyway, we had fun. Ate Shawarmas at Pakwanchi. And the pakwanchi I knew was at the corner of Kennedy and Sheppard, not off of Hurontario. I've seen the guy at Jumaa a couple of times, said hi, but never knew they had moved, or opened a new location.
Then it started to drizzle. This weather never ceases to amaze me. Its like the whole sky over your head has been taken out and replaced in a matter of minutes.
Bought shades at Eye Emporium, and laughed hard when the girl behind the counter would say the store name. In her thick accent, it sounded like emPORNium.
Sunday, I sat down to do some character sketches. It is one of those design documents for fiction, that do not require a logical thought progression, and hence, can be done anywhere I can find a paper and a pen.
Wrote a brief for CSF, and scrapped it. Wrote a poem and ripped it. These things are so heavily tied with inspiration, that at the slightest touch of discipline, or forced delivery, the thoughts disappear. They leave behind fragments of sentences and phrases that might come in handy the next time I sit down. I want to change that and tie my writings down with perspiration rather than inspiration, but my attempts have been unsuccessful. I have the material ready for another 2000 words, hopefully, I'll pull it out of my head today.
Job woes continue. Nothing worth mentioning there.
Insight of the week: What you write could land you a prison term!