Tuesday, May 10, 2005


1. Has anyone ever read a book or watched a movie where the audience is implicated to be the villain? Is that even possible?
2. Got a forwarded email about a Washington Post cartoon depicting Pakistan as a hound-dog with the latest terrorist in its mouth, being patted by a US soldier. It appears here. Googling the author's name I found this, which casts a shadow over his credibility (in case you can't be bothered with long paras, it claims he is on the ISI payroll). Another vested interest, or another dairh eenth ki intellectual masjid?
3. Found the Books and Authors section in Dawn, and was perplexed that I couldn't recognize most of the authors or the books they were reading! I feel as blessed as Cobain right now.
4. Sank U for the wishes everyone. The runny nose has turned into the stuffed nose. It isn't quiet like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly, or the ugly-duckling story, but its progress. Another day and I should be back to normal... whatever that might be.