Thursday, May 12, 2005

Unscheduled fun

Yesterday evening, I went to meet a friend who is visiting from the US. As the evening progressed, it grew into a gathering of fellows lost long since, and we found ourselves reminiscing our earlier times. I pointed out that apart from two guys, all of us had lived with the rest at one time or another, an oddly discerning fact which seems to have struck some subliminal note, as it quieted down for a few moments. And then, the latest rounds of funnies started, and all was forgotten. Unscheduled fun is the best of its kind.
R asked why they say saw so little of me last year, to which H replied that the only place to get a handle on me was at 'blogspot'! I was struck dumb for a second. I had no idea that this man concerned with little more than women and money would have noticed, or have bothered to look at a blog. What possible motivation would he have had for an ungainly activity like visiting a friend's blog? He has kids to take care of, and a business to run! He didn't elaborate when I asked, leaving me to wonder what other things I took for granted amongst my very own.
A good middle of the week fun that charged up all my batteries, and now its time to put them to use.