Sunday, May 22, 2005

To Sherazi

You could travel the world
suitcases dragged, shoulder bags drawn,
tickets, papers, passport in hand,
asking for help,
from a complete stranger.
You could watch the Nile,
sleep on its shore,
or you could read a book!
A good book, infact,
that would explain
the meanings of the words
you seek.
clearly defined,
in alphabetical order!
You could claim the highest accords,
Even, in cooking,
up a scheme
staging a final plot
in a cartoon-ish land
of mice and men,
You could save the world!

But can you forget
the night we sat
a stage show and its audience of,
one single man!
when we talked
a mile an hour,
and walked the same.
raising the collars of
your humungous jacket
and my graceful coat,
snow in our face
wind in our ears
winter and Faiz.

I have finished Faiz,
and summer's here,