Monday, May 09, 2005

Nose off

I have a horrendous cold. My head has sprung a leak. It is all draining down through my nose. I hope to loose my memory, too.
I am on fluids most of the day, but it doesn't matter because I can hardly taste anything. The only sensation my taste-buds register is sweetness. That's why my Chai was loaded with sugar. 'Since I can't taste it, might as well just swallow it' and that lead to a burnt throat. A tissue paper box, marked as ultra-soft, lies only half full. I bought it yesterday. And as for the ultra-softness, it has already scratched my nose enough that the next time I touch it, it will fall off.
In front of the mirror, I did a cheap imitation of Nicholas Cage, pointing at my own face with all my fingers, and with a slight flick of the wrist, "Nose Off". My forced grin turned into a cough, which turned into a sneeze, which turned into a big mess in the sink.
Which reminded me of two things. The nose is a good analogy for a drain. Or, maybe the other way round. And number two: Stephen King said somewhere that there is a drain between the conscious and the subconscious, and the goo that can't pass from the latter to the previous - the goo that gets stuck in the middle, is prime material for creativity.
In between these two disjointed reminders is another bad analogy waiting to happen. But I will be some time before I try and sniff it out.