Friday, May 06, 2005

Just asking

Fuck Rolling Stones and the list mania! It would have been a good enough edition without the numbers that go on the sides. Why do people pay attention to the-top-five, the-best-ten, and who gives them the right to rate anything? Just because something is out for public consumption, it does not warrant commentary! You don't squeeze a whole nine to five schedule in every short story. Ditto the history of existentialism in every poem. Analysis upon analysis devoted to vague concepts like 'feel', 'soundscape' and 'punch'. What is this 'punch', anyway?
And who decides what songs will be recycled as background filler for ads on TV? Such gems of music that sold themselves to the world - were owned and loved by millions around, are now selling cars and video-games.
When was sports demoted to being 'just entertainment', as if its only the hormone rush that comes out of a good game?
Why does being 'professional' mean being politcally-correct, and what political motives do these 'professionals' have?
Why is Stephen Harper so much in the news when people don't give a shit about the conservatives, and don't want elections?
Why, exactly, is Stephen Harper the opposition leader, when he could not harvest scandal upon Liberal scandal, to gain voters? Talk about checks and balances in a democracy!