Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Denigration defined

Q. How do you influence the outcome of a debate when you DO NOT have an argument?
A. Slander, off course! Dig up dirt on your opponents and discredit them.
Q. What if I can't find dirt?
A. Manufacture it, like the evidence of WMDs in Iraq.
Q. Isn't that too obvious?
A. Be subtle. If you can't find dirt, find something that might be unacceptable to your viewership and slant it such that it seems part of the argument.
Q. Isn't that unethical?
A. Irrelevant question because we are not interested in ethics, we are interested in winning the argument whichever way we can.
Q. Fine, but how can I be sure it works?
A. Take the example of Voice of Toronto, who incidentally, claim to be a news-site. The debate in this example, is about women leading congregational prayers. So, how did they influence the debate? They took a photo of a prominent liberal opposed to their view, and they stuck it on their main page. The person in question is Tarek Fateh, editor and host of Muslim Chronicle and the founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, he supports the idea of women leading the prayers. The picture in question claims to show him as dancing, though the pose seems awkward and...
Q. That doesn't discredit his views? I mean, so what if he's dancing. How does that influence the debate?
A. Aah, you didn't let me finish. I haven't told you about the slant.
Q. The slant?
A. The urdu caption in the image translates to "After praying behind a woman, dancing behind a woman". There's your slant, there's your relevancy. Immaterial information is now part of the debate!
Q. Ooh...
A. Exactly!