Monday, April 25, 2005

Weekend counting exercise

Over the weekend, I met yet another family (this time Indian) preparing to leave Canada for good. Lately, it has become a recurring news.
Five years ago, the latest arrivals dominated the scene. Who had applied, who had received their documents, who was expecting the red carpet and who was prepared for the one-finger salute.
There are still some fresh immigrants in my circle, but I wonder, if its my constraints or theirs that keep it that way.
One of my buddies runs a driving school. Since most newcomers need licenses, they are his customers, and he keeps track. He says nothing's changed. PIA is still running a one-stop route to Toronto which says more about this lucrative destination than the propo(ganda)-papers will speak of. But people ARE moving from Canada. Their destinations vary... US, England, Pakistan and now India but they are moving.
There was a feature in the Toronto Star about a month ago (that I finally read this weekend) regarding a few Chinese immigrants who were planning to return. That got me counting. Including this last family, I now know 28 people who have left Canada. Yea, 28 people in one person's circle in three years.