Monday, April 04, 2005

The waiting game

I went to give an interview on Saturday for a technology company. On my resume, there are a coupla instances where I have done similar work for other companies. The interview went well, with yours truly first passed the HR, and then the technical panel of interviewers; everyone taking their turns with the questions and the please-be-at-ease smiles. As I write this I think, did I come across as nervous? watever, its in the past. No, use fretting over it now.
And now the waiting game begins. Its already day 1, with me calling to provide them with my references, and explaining how and when I worked with these people. And now, I sit down with my chai.
The sun is out after a miserably overcast weekend. Sea-gulls are making a show of force outside, grounding the few pigeons in my uncle's balcony. The blue carpet underneath my feet catches the sun, feels warm.
If I have to wait, I might as well feel a lil' cozy.