Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Small victories

The three guys that I fell out with, are now finding out that I was right.
My silence on the matter continues, let them figure out the wrong they have done. They happen to be intelligent people who can add subtract and keep track of numbers as they come and go. Let them keep the record, and learn from it. When I was shouting out that some of the documents were false in their accusations, that it was a scare tactic to get me to pay money I did not owe - all my claims were tall because they did not want to believe me.
And now, when that third party has accepted their mistake, and my stance and my memory of the records has been proven, everyone is quick to point at the other...
I remind them that I have stopped caring. You deal with what you have to deal with, I don't care about ur emotions now, and I didn't care about your accusations then. It simply wasn't worth my time.
What did bother me then and what continues to bother me, is the unease and confusion my parents have gone through because of this mess. These guys (and one of them in particular) have damaged my credibility, even though my dad has been more than understanding.
We had shared so much together and ... A part of me wants to empathize with them, still.
That, perhaps, is the only regret I have today.