Wednesday, April 27, 2005

my PC

is up and running, and I can not describe how liberated I feel. I just realized while writing that line, that my computer is such a personal thing to me. I'd left it back when I had moved to my Uncle's and was using, actually sharing, his computer. And its not the same.
The keyboard is still a lil sticky from all the windex I had to use to clean it all up, but that should be gone in a few hours... And then, I can transfer all my scribes to the machine. I hate writing with a pen and paper, the editing and rewriting takes ages, and its a big deal trying keeping everything in order. Which page goes where, and the notes in the columns, and the corrections of the corrections. Now I can write in peace.
The only thing is I have to keep the friends of my cousins out of this machine. 'Get away from my baby!' Hopefully, the more paranoid I act, the more they get the message. There is one in particular that I am worried about, who thinks I am his long lost college buddy and wants to share a smoke with me. Well, the smoke thing is fine, but nO nearO my pcO.
And now, for a game of backgammon and then we hit the road.