Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Insight of the week

It dawned on me today that the only reason smoking seemed fun was because it was a big no-no. And the fun part was trying to figure out when and how to get out of people's ever-watchful eyes and light up. The drawn out afternoons in Lahore with the temperatures reaching 42c, and the only worry I had, was to find that ideal time when you can get out and get back in without being noticed.
And the excuses, oh my, don't ask. I had only a few rules about them.
Number 1: Truth is stranger than fiction, so the outrageous might actually work, provided you tell it right.
Number 2: It had to be spur of the moment, if u plan it out the story looses its elasticity. To compensate the narration has to be enthusiastic, as if you actually had fun doing what you did, which might not be suitable depending upon the story you concocted (and how can you enjoy anything in that weather!)
Number 3: If you have to involve additional characters, make sure they know about it before hand, are willing to corroborate.
Number 4: Tell it, while looking the person in the eye, and don't loose it in the middle of a sentence, just because someone's eye-brows are raised. Doubt CAN be conquered.
Interesting points, all of 'em, that I am trying to incorporate into my fiction these days.