Friday, March 25, 2005

Same shit, another weekend

I am shit tired of my employer. I have been working with these guys for five weeks now, and I still haven't received a pay cheque!
Today I walked half an hour to meet the guy, and I heard the same story once more. I am not the kind of guy who looses his cool in difficult situations. Infact, I hardly get confrontational. But this was it. I just burst forth like a volcano waiting for the the right shift.
I hate these small time jobs. I need to get back into my field, and I need to do that ASAP. No contract work, no billing and waiting 3 weeks, no more excuses. If you want your work done, half now, half later. And if that half later doesn't happen, no deliveries.
God! Its frustrating, I have expenses too, and the end of month is right around the corner. How am I supposed to make rent by the 1st, if these assholes won't clear my dues?
Too frustrated for more!