Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Empty posts, watever

My blog looks even more boring than I feel, oh My...
These days I am going through some financial distress. Right now, I am supposed to be getting two cheques from two employers. Any day now, one says. I need time says the other. Meanwhile, the tab I keep at the local restaurant is high enough for the owner to pay me a visit (I can not elaborate on that much further).
But life goes on, and so do I. As long as I have a good meal at the end of the day, and TTC tickets to bring me to and from work, I should survive.
But greater questions remain. How long can I go on merely surviving, that one is from my Mom. I wish I felt some need to move on, but I do not. I hesitate before telling her about writing because I know, in her mind its a timepass, not a life. In my mind... it gains ground every day, diminishing the space reserved for more practical endeavors.