Thursday, March 03, 2005

Beeri pi, khush reh

In a strange moment of inspiration, I found myself taking notes on the subway. And later, sitting in the Coffee Time opposite Coxwell station, having finished this week's fiction list, I wrote 2000 words in one hour. Some of these days, I amaze myself. I wish I'd do that more often.
Meanwhile, the cold alert is on till noon tomorrow, which means Friday evening should be good enough for a trip to the beaches. I am a scorpio, so water bodies are as soothing as a summer breeze.
I didn't know it was possible but I have fallen in love with a painting in a shop on Danforth. I find myself making excuses to walk past the store, only to look at that one painting. It features a man and a woman making a run for it. The light source is on the left hand side of the reader, which is also the direction in which the couple is running. I have no idea why it strikes my fancy. I am afraid that the price will be unbelievably high, and I have no place to put it either. Imagine, people walking in into a half-apartment-half-masjid and being greeted by a frame on the wall with a young gora couple in the instant of flight!
[Fake Indian Accent] Oh no my friend! Allah's house, you know! You put picture on wall. Man and woman holding hand and running. All picture is Haraam. Meaning not allowed! Ok? Ok![/Fake Indian Accent]
PS: In newspapers devoted to spreading rumors, raising emotions and marketting bahaar melas, it felt strangely exciting to read a feminist peice by Naseem Syed. I have to find a place where I can get her poetry books. Hopefully, at the next mushaira, whenever that might be.
PPS: The title comes from a bengali man standing in the paan shop on Gerrard, while I was cursing an asshole who was spitting paan out the window of his moving car.