Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Getting paid for poetry

I have a part time job these days that is taking full time hours. But the good thing is that I just sit there, read and write poetry. Ghalib couldnt get his pension restored and I am getting paid for this: life is so cruel.
A few bright and sunny days ago I decided that, not only will I complete my fiction project, I will also publish poetry. And I don't have poems to put in it, but I have a title.
Next thing is, I have to find more South Asian writers in Toronto. I could use their help. Or maybe, I should complete the first draft first, and then proceed. The reason being that it would be really difficult for me to network in the kind of personal and job-related environment I am in. But I need the feedback. And no matter how motivated you are, self-doubt is human; specially if the weather is gloomy.
So, I went through this anthology called 'Her Mother's Ashes' by south asian women in North America, only to note down where they were, and what they were doing. I need to find out if some of them are still here, and willing to help a newbie shoot his first hoops.
Lastly, my paycheque hasn't arrived. It was due on the 27th, and I am on my last $20 bill. Need to take care of that as soon as I am done blogging.
Which means right now.