Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A few things

1. I love Nora Jones voice. If this is jazz, I'd like one more to go, please.
2. Snow again. its pretty good right now, while its snowing. But soon the wind will take over, and I'll take cover somewhere in my shabby little space.
Yesterday it was my roommates birthday, and we had a sombre party. I have a real tight budget this month (nothing unusual about that) but I am trying to discipline myself into spending what I have, rather than what I think I will have in the future. So, the planning started at 9pm, and I had all the supplies in till 10pm, and then the music went on till about 2am. By then the whole scene had died down, everybody looked guilty as hell. I hit the sack thinking this was a good one. I read my horoscope in the Eye magazine this morning, only to find out that it mentioned my money problems AND my partying.
Uncanny is the word I was looking for.
Have to call home tomorrow and I wonder if this will be one of those pleasant calls about weather and cooking or the dread of my life calls regarding career choices and lifestyle and money and marriage and what not. Some of it is bound to pop up, and as usual I will just be dodging issues rather than communicating the impossible, impractical, career ruining moves that I am dreaming up in my head.