Wednesday, January 05, 2005

New years resolutions

I have been surprised by the outpour of emotion and financial contributions in the wake of the tsunami disaster. A caller on a radio said that as many as 350,000 Sri Lankans live in the Toronto area. I know four of them, two being neighbors, all four have lost someone in their immediate family.
I think I have wrongly become a cynic. My experience might be bad, but it is limited. It pains me now, to see how wrong my attitude is.
Volunteers are making rounds on foot to collect donations, people are sitting in call centres waiting for donations. Many are donating food and clothing. Many more, with nothing else to give, are trying to provide counselling.
So here's my new years resolution.
This year, I will be an optimist. I will block all thoughts that lead to negativity. I will encourage others around me to participate in making things better. I will shun the cynic in me. I will refuse to be haunted by bad experiences in the past. I will not care what the headlines predict.
In short, I will believe.