Sunday, December 26, 2004

Small pleasures

The only personal gift I got for Christmas this year is a copy of the Naom Chomsky book 'At War with Asia'. This, from someone who has neither an interest in world affairs/politics nor Asian roots. That fact makes the thought behind the gift, greatly appreciable. Thank You.
One of my favorite sites, topleftpixel (linked in blogs I read) has been awarded the best blog of 2004 by Now Magazine. BoingBoing (also linked) also made the top 10. Congrats to both!
Elsewhere, in the desi newspapers I read that Imran Khan is appearing as a guest tomorrow for an evening on Islam. The cover price is $35 which means I am certainly not gonna be in the audience. Shahzad Roy is showing up in Toronto for eid- which reminds me, since when have we started celebrating Chand Raat before the second eid? Sigh. People amuse me.