Sunday, December 19, 2004

Let sleeping dogs lie

So, what the fuck is Martin upto? The man has single-handedly turned the liberal party into a joke! I hate Bush, but atleast, he respects his mandate. And where is David Miller? What happened to the deal for the cities and the waterfront?
First, Martin lacked the balls to enact legislation on the issue of gay marriages and sent the issue to the Supreme Court. The courts shrug it off, 'not our issue, talk to the parliament'. But the hornet's nest had been disturbed.
Even though it is legal in 3 provinces to marry a person of the same sex (maybe more by now), he just had to come up with a federal answer to a civic issue. What a waste of leadership! And now, big-oil Alberta's Ralphie has the oppurtunity to confuse the country by demanding a referendum. Great! Then every Canadian has a say in what two people of the same sex living together, can or can not call their union. No referendum on joining the US missile defense program, but referendum on something that is already an established practice in the country!
If gays want to call themselves married, what the fuck is wrong with that? And many a moron will argue that marriage is sacred. Oh yea, here's a word. sacred. So what else has been dubbed 'sacred'?
The british duty to rule the world, sacred.
The right to import, buy, sell and kill slaves, sacred.
State persecution against left-wing artists in the US during the cold war, sacred.
Bin Laden's mission, sacred.
Bush's illegal war, sacred.
Marriage, sacred? Buddy have you seen the statistics for divorce in today's world. wtf!
My rational argument falls along the words of Truedeau, 'The state has no business in people's bedrooms', and my emotions are summed up by Cobain in his journal, 'I am not gay, although I wish I were, just to piss-off homophobes'.