Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Justifying my good feelings

I sense change.
That it is coming.
Progress, enlightenment, serenity, certitude. I have doubted their arrival and the timing. But slowly the patterns are emerging.
First there were voices, lonesome and frail. Then language was born, and communication florished. Which gave rise to debate and dissent, and only through their fostering could reason rise.
And all through the process, consciously or not, there is the yearn; to seek, to grow, to rise, to fly.
Guess what? They are being fostered.
It is coming.
Candles lit from candles, and the light is spread. Me, you, them; the least we can do is bear witness to our own ascent (and with a rising tide, all boats do rise), and the most is to spread the word, participate, contribute, everyone in their own way.
Here's to this new year. New beginnings, new ideals, new horizons; with renewed spirits and rejuvenated intellect.
Seeking, we are, and find it, we will.
-More on this later-