Saturday, December 11, 2004

Ironies of life

I spent thursday chasing after a few job leads, that I had found out about. So, when I got a long distance ring on my home phone on friday, I assumed that it might be a follow up. Maybe lady luck had smiled, and I would get out of my financial distress.
There's good news and bad news. You see, I haven't landed a new job, but I am one of the winners in a competition. My prize is 2 camera phones (don't know the model numbers yet) and seven months of free local calling. No contracts to sign, no commitments on my part to keep the plans after they are over.
I'm guessing the phones are worth around $300 each, so thats $600 right there. Free local calling is at $45 a month, so times seven , thats $315. All in all, thats around $900 worth of products and services.
And the irony is, I don't need either one of 'em, the product or the service.
I closed down my cell phone two months ago, because I didn't use it that often. I think cell phones are a huge distraction. Plus, your always available. If the weather's bad, or you're in a basement, you have to jump around like a circus freak. It also ruins the conversation and disturbs other people if you're in a public place. Cellphones should have no rings, IMHO, just vibrate-alert.
I still have my last set from another company. I can get it unlocked and activated on the seven month free service, and sell both the phones. That recovers $600. I have no way of recovering the rest of my loot, because having a cell phone means nothing to me. Sure, I'll get it. And I'll even use it. But I'd be hard pressed to get the value of $45 out of it every month. Cash would have been a hundred times better.
Maybe I should start a one-man telemarketting outfit, calling people in Toronto, selling them stuff they don't need (and also, helping them win stuff they don't need), making comissions on each sale and laughing out loud everytime I put the phone down...
Any suggestions?