Monday, December 20, 2004

Cold, cold town

I woke up at noon on sunday, and called mom long distance. She kept asking me about the weather, and I kept saying that it was still ok. Later, I turned on the tv, lo and behold, the windchill was -34c. You have to experience it to know what it feels like. It gives me the idea that Hell is depicted as hot because the people of the books were in hotter climates, near the equator. If the Quran had originally come to the people of Canada, Hell would have been a cold dark place with constant wind, freezing rain and frozen sidewalks.
My walk to the subway was a jihad, and coming back from work at midnight, I was exhausted. The mental toll of this extreme weather is much worse than the physical.
But I still recommend it as one of those impossible goals everyone should have on their to-do list. To spend a week in -30c on earth before heading for the heat of hell.