Friday, December 03, 2004

Bush Arrested in Canada

If ur the type who scans headlines to judge the mood of the day, there's good news and bad.
The bad first. Apparently google news, the automated news aggregating service, can't differentiate between satire and... well, news. Granted, some days I can't either. But my personal fuckups are no lone-light-in-the-dark guiding the seekers of truth. And even my tyre treads know that Canada cant arrest Bush, as a peice of satire claimed, which somehow made it to the google headlines.
If anything has been arrested, it is the Canadian media, with reports covering Bush's visit, the inactive activists, the free trade apologists, etc.
Now that Parrish is gone, it was supposed to be better for the liberals, who wanted to call a truce with the Republican administration to our south- they wanted to talk about beef, lumber and border crossings. But Bush, riding the arrogance of a second term, declared what he came to get from Canada; commitment for the Missile Defense Program.
And when I say declared, I actually mean decreed.
This is embarassing for Martin. Before, he might have been a Minister of Finance, but now he's Prime Minister. Prime Minister, I must add, of a country that is horrified by the war, born of one man's infatuation with seeing another man behind bars; an infatuation that might be dismissed as a leather fantasy if the horrors of war allowed.
The activists meanwhile, came out with their very own humane-than-thou, proudly Canadian reasoning that they welcomed him as a neighbor, not as a policy maker.
I wonder if the deprived of this war judge the rest of the world guilty by association, or is this snobbish mannerism enough in our defense? How many people have been guilty by association before, in other wars, before our times? Why do we let this continue? What does the dictionary say about the word pre-emptive? Is this even a word?
Sigh... I'm lost.