Saturday, November 20, 2004

Parrish Outburst

The papers were full of it today. MP Parrish got the boot from Martin but said she had no regrets. This after she stepped on a Bush doll for a comedy shoot, and was terminated from the liberal caucus By Paul Martin.
Amazing times we live in these days. If I weren't disgusted by his policies, I might feel sorry for Dubya. But its just more of the same. He has become an icon for relief these days. Everything gets blamed on the misuderestimated Texan. And happens to be the case, he is showing up in Ottawa next month. So those, who think Parrish handed her head on the plate to Martin, aren't completely wrong. With his visit so close, and the first after re-election, any Bushism incident had to be kept quiet, or sternly dealt with.
And the papers are full of apologists, dissentful voices that don't agree with Bush, but are requesting for more respect from politicians and informing the regular Canadians that its all about the trade. US buys 90 percent of Canadian exports, and hence, we can't afford backlashes. Plus there's also the issue of Canada disagreeing with the US on Iraq, and still saving themselves from retaliatory trade disruption. And now, in his second term, he wants Canada to join in into the Missile Defense programme. With some tricky diplomacy ahead for Canada, such behaviour could not be tolerated.
I find this economic hostage situation amusing, because I have seen it happen between the IMF and Pakistan in the 90s. While in theory the free market is all equal, in global trade the bigger market players have many leverages. Even in Iraq, whether elections take place on time or not, their real need of debt cancellation will never be met, and they too, will have to pay for a long time for this enforced liberation, same as when Afghanistan was liberated from communism.
You see, bashing Bush as an icon might serve some good, but it isn't just about the neocons, or the republicans. It is the interests of the market makers that are to be watched, and they are watched by all. Even in India, when the Congress party won, the media rushed to check the beat of the market players, as they adjusted to the win of a party with socialist leanings.
Parrish just did what millions of anti-war activists have done all over the world, stomp on a bush doll.
But trade, economic outlook, market predictions and the millions of statistical metrics associated with them can not be allowed to be disturbed by a voice of dissent.