Saturday, November 13, 2004

Ironies of eid

Celebrating eid without family is an oxymoron.
Then there's the issue of two eids everytime. Half of the muslims are ok with following the calendar as it is printed in the Middle East, the rest go for moon sightings. It used to be a big affair when I was a kid. I remember climbing up on the terrace and scoring the sky for the moon. A family frolick. I havent seen anybody do it (in my family) since 1995.
As I was saying, there's actually two eids. I mean it depends on which group you follow, so atleast one friend of mine in North America has already celebrated eid on Saturday, while the rest will celebrate it on Sunday.
So, what are my options for tomorrow? Have to make lotta calls, thats a given. I can visit family friends and risk dying of boredom and homesickness, or I can walk around my apartment all gloomy; a realization of my non-existent social life and self-pity ruling the game.
As I write this, I think I should risk death rather than self-pity.
The various eid bazaars around the city are non-issues, buying over-priced chaat and barbecues is not my idea of a good time.
And I've already watched the G3-live in concert DVD, that might have been a good solution.
My new favorite calendar shows a reading session. Maybe I can do that in the evening. So I just have to pass time till 6pm, that shouldn't be so hard, should it?

PS: I got an invitation from my colleagues after my post last night. And I made a complete fool of myself by singing Lady in Red on a karaoke mic. To my defense though, it wasn't a song of my choice.
PPS: Ranting works, period. If it doesn't, it gets you an evening with friends that is guaranteed to work.