Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Bush won

Yeah, I know its not news to me either. I watched Kerry's concession speech live (excerpts from the speech) and wondered cynically, if this is how all losers respond. And Edwards claiming the fight has just begun... sure buddy, whatever helps you sleep at night!
I was thinking of a to-do list for the next election four years down the road, and I came up with three.
1. Convince more Canadians to move to the US.
2. Setup a fund to help liberals relocate from the coasts to Ohio and Florida.
3. Convince Hillary Clinton to become a candidate.
Canadians can expect more free trade, and a huge pressure to join the US in the missile defense program.
Pakistan can expect continued (soft) support for Musharraf's regime. (He was elected by parliament to hold the top military position and the presidency). Which means the hate-hate relationship most Pakistanis have with the US will continue the same way. More conspiracy theories, more bans on the media, more terrorizing of the masses and a continued march towards modernism - it wouldn't be a bad march expect its more like a run-or-be-eaten-alive than a run-for-cancer-research.
Middle East kingships will be given a few verbal assaults along with invitations to Texas. The Iraqi quagmire will be left without definite authority being established, a model for don't-mess-with-texas rather than the promised exemplary democracy.
Defense spending will increase, meaning more deficits. You cant just print money indefinitely, you know! The puck has to stop somewhere, and in the next 5-10 years Americans will have to cough up the dough, somehow. The dollar will dive lower. Dividend and capital gains tax will be lowered permanently, meaning investors will increase their wealth.
Judges with conservative leanings will be nominated to the supreme court, giving a conservative bias to the judiciary for the next 10 years.
All in all, pretty much the same crap that the world has been putting up with for the last four years. Atleast, we will get continued coverage of Bush's mastery of the english language. (Being a bilingual nation, a Canadian prime minister can be forgiven for delivery with an accent, but what exactly was Dubya's first language again?)
When is lady hope coming back from vacation?