Sunday, October 17, 2004

Just... disappear. - '21 Grams'

It came and it went, another day of my days, as I break this habit of mid-october. I draw lines to keep it out, but it seeps in, perforating me in its chill.
A moments silence for the missing emails, chats, poetry, debate, jokes, naughtiness, shivers, highs, fear.
A chilled fanta sweats in the heat,
as it relishes its' coldness,
Like an artifact of war.

Plaque colored walls that breath down from all sides,
another moment, another second,
An hour.
Fears that quell fears,
and yet stand shivering on the edge of the door,
one step here, one step there,
A mile.

My filtered thoughts as I rationalize,
my existential angst,
into love unreal,
as I chase down alleys in my head,
and wander amongst the stars.

Distant chants of tibetan monks,
as they light burnt-out fires,
And the silly old moon that never smiles,
trapped inside my skies.

a flying feather on thin air,
an ode to time eternal,
a mask of a pragmatic fighter,
a face beyond my own.

And so I faltered and so I found,
And so I faltered and so I found.

Happy 24th.
M. Zee.