Saturday, October 23, 2004

Its the wind, stupid

A rationing of thoughts handed out to her,
ingesting glitter from plastic lights,
A small son of Ahura orders,
'bring 'em forth from the darkness'.
eloquence finally personified,
her self-esteem, dignified.

Day-in, day out, as she tells herself,
that she is good and getting there soon.
Dreams, deceptions, works of art,
these words, relics of times past,
they heal, they cure, they fill,
empty voids in me and her,
I give, she takes, and we all feel better,
until the morning-after.

Its the wind, stupid!
seeping in with the light,
it greets and stabs in the same flow,
rocks the shadows and lights alike,
and the floating words ride dust specks,
lost until we meet again.

Toils, rinsed with hot water, repeats,
Until Ahura himself speaks.