Wednesday, September 22, 2004


I was wondering around in the library, when I happened upon a kid of about eight, deeply engrossed in a book. From my viewpoint, the only thing I could note about the book was that it had lots of colored pictures. And he was not flippin through it like a magazine, but spending time on each page. My curiosity had been aroused.
I looked at my watch. Lots of time, I convinced myself, and walked around the aisles, callous enough not to attract attention and careful enough, not to loose sight of the kid. And the guy was really busy. I mean, people at my workplace are never this focused. I am seldom this focused.
Half an hour later, I reluctantly walked out of a conversation that had made me realize how little I know about photography. 'Point and click', I said; 'Nay' said he. 'At least 3 Mega-pixels', said I, 'For amateurs, maybe', said he. I got an intro into the world of lighting and color theory(Yes, I was on Mars for part of my life). And I found a good intro for the esthetically challenged (that means you!) here.
I was never a hobby kid when I was young. Infact, I cant remember ever having pursued anything as a hobby. Now, I had my share of books, board games, toys, video games; the whole shebang, but I never delved into anything for which I had to sit in a library. Like photography, or coin collecting, or stamps, constructing model airplanes, painting, etc.
The only thing that I did pursue, was computers. And the relationship has lasted - much better than my forays with the members of the opposite sex.
'Follow your dreams where ever they may lead you!', I said to the kid as I left the library. Its the only way to live.